I love snow

December 20, 2004 by Tim

Actually let me clarify. I love snow from indoors, when I don’t have to go outside into it for any reason. There’s just something very simple and festive about a neighborhood covered in snow that I like. Call it quaint, or old-fashioned if you will. Of course, the effect is always nicer when you haven’t forgotten to order more of the oil that heats your living space, and you wake up and it’s fifty-nine degrees in your apartment…

I’ve finalized the front design for the Winter-een-mas shirt. Just did a bit of tweaking here and there, some color balancing mostly. Here is the finished design for this year:

And as I’ve said, on the back will be the thirteen verse Winter-een-mas story from 2004. I’m thinking that we’ll only do one shirt this year, simply for ease of delivery and the time restraints. WEMas is right around the corner, and it doesn’t do anyone any good to receive a 2005 Winter-een-mas shirt in February.

With any luck we’ll start taking pre-orders in a day or two.

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