If I may…

September 25, 2008 by Tim

If I may interject into all of the “Ding dong, the witch is dead” chanting, I just wanted to put a little perspective on Jack Thompson’s disbarment.

As much as you may “hate” Jack Thompson, it should be important to remember that he was not disbarred for speaking out against video games. We as gamers have not won any significant battle here against the idea, the belief that video games are the root of all society’s ills. Jack Thompson was disbarred for the way he presented his opinions, in a blustering, overly sensationalist and irresponsible manner.

So yes, while this may be a blow to his credibility and hamper his tools as an anti-video game violence advocate, I sincerely doubt this will silence him. And there are plenty more lawyers and politicians out there just like him.

Though you may want to envision Jack Thompson as the figurative “head” of the anti-video game sentiment, and that that head has just been decapitated, try to keep in mind that he was just one particularly vocal appendage of a many-limbed beast.

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