I’m back!

January 6, 2010 by Tim

I’m back from our little New Year’s getaway. As you may have already read, Britanny and I got engaged on New Year’s Eve. It was our five-year anniversary, and we were up in Vermont for a nice relaxing weekend of fireplaces and sleigh rides amidst all the snow. We’re both very excited and we appreciate all of the congratulatory tweets and emails we’ve been receiving. Thanks everyone!

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to start preparing for the next holiday. Winter-een-mas is right around the corner, and I’ve gone ahead and opened the WEMas forums so that people can share plans for the holiday, and organize get-togethers, both in real and virtual spaces. We’ve also got a really cool item that will be available this season, and I should hopefully be able to unveil that later this week or early next week.

And speaking of really cool items, our Starbuck’s Fresh Roasted Cylon coffee cup is now available in a travel variety!

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