Initiate radio silence

January 7, 2006 by Tim

Alrighty, in the morning I’m heading to New Hampshire for my much-needed vacation. I’ll have my laptop, and if there is internet where we’re staying (I hope there isn’t), I’ll make a newspost or two during next week. Otherwise, Pierre will be in charge of the site. He’s French-Canadian, so give him a break on his english.

The comics for next week are all drawn and ready to go, and will update as scheduled in my absence. I won’t be checking any email for a week, so you may want to refrain from sending me stuff until I get back. I’ll be in touch with Pierre and the forum moderators in case of any problems/emergencies.

You kids be good while I’m gone. Don’t stay up too late, and no dessert unless you finish your dinner.

But kidding aside, here are some parting notes to get you through the week.

Because it’s worthy- It was recently brought to my attention that one of our forum members, Natraj, has recently moved to America from South of India. He is 18 years old, and deaf. The life he was living there… I can’t even describe it. It’s graphic. Suffice to say, it was atrocious. After 18 years of hardship, he now has a chance at a brand new life in America, a life he never thought could exist for him.

Some of our forum members have heard his story, and gotten to know Natraj. Our moderators and myself, along with Natraj’s roommates have devised a very small fundraiser to get Natraj a couple of things we feel will give him a great helping hand. American Sign Language lessons, and a special device that will allow him to communicate with people on the telephone. To get these for Natraj, we need to raise $436.45.

I’m can’t ask anyone to donate. We’ve just come out of a holiday season, and a year full of donation drive after donation drive. I just want to bring the issue to your attention, in case you decide it’s a cause worthy of a couple of your hard-earned dollars. I certainly don’t want anyone to go overboard. A donation of a dollar, or $5 goes a long way when there are hundreds of people pitching in, and it doesn’t require anyone to hurt their own wallet.

Again, I just wanted to bring this to your attention. I’ve donated some of my own money, and I’d really like to see this little generosity succeed. Hearts are in the right places with this, folks. You can read about the fundraiser, and about Natraj in this forum thread.

Update: I knew it wouldn’t take long, but wow. After only a few hours the goal is met. Thank you everyone!

Because you ask for it- I forget that these Xbox 360 Console skins are not currently permanantly linked anywhere on the site. So as soon as they aren’t in the newsposts, people wonder how to get there. The link is here. There are two skins currently, and I have plans for more shortly.

Because I’m excited about it- The first episode of the CAD: Animated Series is only a few weeks away, and it’s looking amazing. Sign up for CAD Premium to get access to the animated series, as well as a bunch of other exclusive art and behind-the-scenes swag.

And Digital Overload is rapidly approaching too! I’m excited about spending a couple of days vegging on games with you guys. We’ll have some big announcements concerning DO2006 in the comic weeks, so get your ticket before they’re sold out!

Because it’s happening- Winter-een-mas is in full swing! Gamers around the world are celebrating and gearing up for the week-long holiday at the end of the month! Join in the fun! (note: Winter-een-mas shirts and hoodies are no longer on sale for this year)

Because you may not know about it- Here are a list of games you may want to look into, if you haven’t already.

RF Online
Full Auto
Alan Wake
Final Fight: Streetwise

Ok, I think that should do it for now. I’m on vacation! See you guys next week!

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