It is a joke, people

September 21, 2005 by Tim


My plane landed safely in New Haven a short while ago, and I am now home.

Honestly, I thought Brian’s first post gave it away immediately, but apparently a whole lot of you still fell for our little practical joke.

Brian often “remixes” my comics as a little private joke between us. He believes that all gaming comics should automatically consist of nothing but “omgz teh Xbox controller is teh HUGE!”, and we get a good laugh out of it. We decided to take it one step further while I was in Canada.

We’ve been making our newsposts stupider and more obvious as the day went on, but surprisingly a lot of people still thought it was real. I got an email from someone in New York offering to come pick me up and drive me to New Haven. Wow.

If you fell for it, don’t feel bad. Just smile, laugh it off. It’s no big deal.

If you picked it up right off the bat, congratulations. You have a keen eye for sarcasm, parody and allusion. Not to mention a sense of humor.

Everything that took place here was planned in advance, including the nasty things we said about eachother. We do comics for a living, and if you can’t laugh at yourself, you have no right making jokes about other people.

Brian is a very good friend of mine. He wrote the foreword for my second book. There is no bad blood here, so you can relax off the trigger of your ‘angry email gun’. We were just having some fun.

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