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August 21, 2009 by Tim

Blizzcon kicks off today, and I’m pretty excited to see what Warcraft and Diablo news the weekend brings. I’m excited about Starcraft too, of course, but unless they tell us today that, surprise, the game is finished and will be on store shelves tomorrow, I’m not sure what big reveals are left for the game.

I have my doubts that we’ll be seeing anything big today (Friday). Maybe it’s just me, but I’d expect them to keep some of their bigger announcements for Saturday. But who knows, maybe they’ll blow their wad on day one.

While we wait for some Blizzard lovin’, there’s been a lot of great stuff coming out of GC ’09 this week (of course, most of it is in German… but it all looks very pretty!)

Molyneaux announced Fable 3… I wonder if people will start throwing a “4D2-eque” hissy fit about “it’s too soon for a sequel, you owe us more free content”, with their useless petitions and junk. I guess I’m interested, but I still haven’t finished Fable 2. I got into it, had some fun, got bored and moved on. I’d like to pick it up again… but I imagine the chances of that are pretty slim. What do you think, am I missing out by not finishing it?

One game trailer that really blindsided me yesterday was Guild Wars 2. I enjoyed Guild Wars when it came out, bought the CE Edition, played it for a little while… but it was never my game of choice for the long haul. I loaded up the Guild Wars 2 debut trailer, and was met with some very pretty visuals that were clearly not in-game, and what I expected to be merely an eye candy story teaser that doesn’t really show us the game. Boy was I wrong. The environments in Guild Wars 2 are looking fantabulous. This game definitely just earned a permanent blip on my radar. See for yourself.

Speaking of nice environments, I was also impressed by the draw distances in Final Fantasy XIV. I’m not a Final Fantasy guy. I don’t enjoy JRPGs, so I never played the FF games. I did play FFXI for a short while, but again, it wasn’t for me. Still, FFXIV is looking very nice, and they appear to have dropped that awful menu system for a more traditional, western-mmo-friendly hotbar. I might be convinced to check it out when it finally hits shelves.

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