It’s official

September 27, 2003 by Tim

Shadowbane sucks. A lot.

Shadowbane Saturday is over. We played for a couple of hours, had some fun, but in the end, the game just sucks too much ass to keep us going.

We started out by totally destroying the newbie areas, wiping them clean of monsters. It was fun for a bit. Then after we had leveled we went into town, where I was promptly attacked by a guard for no reason (it might have been because my dwarf was naked).

That was a pain in the ass.

People came and went over the course of a couple of hours, and in the end we decided to make a grand trek to the beach, where we promptly flung ourselves into the ocean to see who drowned last. I think it was me. Maybe not.

All in all, some great people showed up, and I had a blast hanging out with some fans, but the game just wasn’t impressive at all.

I’m going to look into doing this again next weekend though, hopefully with a game that we know is a bit better. Games that are free are good…

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