It’s where the sun sets

April 5, 2010 by Tim

Looks like some information about the Cosmic Spider-man pre-order costumes for Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions has been inadvertantly leaked by Gamestop and the costume images do two things. First, it appears very likely that Spider-man 2099 is one of the other dimensions, and secondly, the fourth costume doesn’t look very zombie-like at all… so I guess Marvel Zombies isn’t in the cards this time around. Ah well.

It’s a crap week for releases… literally nothing decent comes out this week. That’s fine with me, however, it’s the last week to catch up on old stuff before awesome new stuff starts knocking down my door again. Splinter Cell: Conviction followed very shortly by lots and lots of Monster Hunter Tri.

A little further down the road but no less complete in its epicness, is Red Dead Redemption. If you haven’t been following this game, it’s time to rectify that. Rockstar is basically taking the lawless, wild-west feel out of Grand Theft Auto and actually putting it into the wild west. The result is a game that looks to take the best parts of GTA and Sergio Leone’s ‘Dollars’ films, ball them up into a little snowball of perfection, and chuck it at your face.

There are probably people out there that don’t like a good western… I don’t know who these people are. I doubt they’re playing video games anyway, on account of the being dead inside.

Your best bet for getting up to speed about Red Dead Redemption are the following two videos. They’re presented in a straightforward documentary style where the narrator pretty much just blatantly tells you all about the game. It’s a little weird at first, and then you realize that it’s really the only reasonable way to present a huge sandbox game like this. Just saying “It’s GTA with horses” doesn’t do it justice.






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