March 31, 2010 by Tim

A few weeks back word leaked out about a filed trademark for a new Spider-man game, Shattered Dimensions. Yesterday a trailer for the game dropped and frankly, it looks pretty neat. Though, to lay the cards on the table here, I am a sucker for all games Spider-man. Spider-man 2 (yes, based on the movie) was a great Spidey game, and I even suffered through all of Spider-man 3, horrible camera issues and all, just to do a little web-slinging.

I let Web of Shadows pass me by, even though I thought it looked fun, in part due to the poor reviews and mostly due to a lack of time. Still, next time I see it on the cheap somewhere, I’m going to grab it for a rainy day.

So I’m a sucker for Spidey, and as chance would have it, I’m also a sucker for alternate dimensions. I loved 1602, Superman Red Son, Marvel Zombies, etc. I just really enjoy seeing characters we’re so familiar with put into very unfamiliar times and situations. So, as you may guess, I’m excited about what Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is teasing.



Obviously we’ve got the “classic” Spider-man, as well the Spidey from Marvel’s Noir line of books. With two as-of-yet unnamed dimensions, there has been a lot of speculation floating around.

My top pick would be Spider-man from Marvel Zombies, but ten to one that’s not going to happen. It would work if the game was looking to tell four separate stories, but I would imagine that they’re going to look to unify the dimensions with some common thread, and I forsee a difficult time including zombie Spider-man in any meaningful narrative. But hey, I’d love it if they’d prove me wrong.

Marvel 1602 seems like it has a good chance, which still leaves the fourth dimension wide open. If we’re spanning different times perhaps the Spider-man 2099 or 2211 versions would fit. Or maybe they’ll throw the whole thing for a loop and use the MC2 Spider-girl.

Whatever dimensions they choose, I think that the biggest thing that myself and other gamers are hoping for is this: that we’ll finally get the “Batman: Arkham Asylum” of Spider-man games. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll have too long to wait to find out, since apparently this game is scheduled for release in September.

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