December 10, 2007 by Tim

So I’m personally psyched to announce that Privateer Press, the makers of WARMACHINE and HORDES, will be sponsoring Digital Overload 2008, and additionally that we’ll be running a WARMACHINE tournament at the event!

Some of you know that painting miniatures is a hobby of mine, something I like to do when I get free time here and there. Previously I painted Warhammer 40K stuff, Necrons mostly. Though a few months ago I switched over to WARMACHINE, after I started really getting a look at their models.

I love 40K, but sometimes it almost seems a bit… too dark, if you know what I mean. I absolutely fell in love with WARMACHINE’s steampunk mech designs and just the really fun and detailed look of the models. Some of this stuff is just gorgeous. Plus their models are 100% metal, which took some adjustment but I now prefer to painting plastic.

I’m really excited about the tournament at Digital Overload, and it will definitely give me an incentive to finish getting my Menoth army painted so hopefully I can steal a few minutes for a game here or there. At the very least I can’t wait to watch some attendees play.

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