We’re coming up on the home stretch for the Ctrl+Alt+Del 1.0 Book Set Kickstarter Campaign. We’ve blown through all stretch goals save for the last one: An extended ending to the original Ethan and Lucas saga. We have eight days left to hit $500k!

Back in early 2003, shortly after starting this comic strip, I printed and sold the very first piece of Ctrl+Alt+Del merchandise ever: the Applied Education poster. The poster was 11″x17″ and consisted of twelve individual comic panels. I only printed 400 of them, and the poster has long been unavailable and forgotten. In fact, the original digital files for it no longer exist anymore. All I have is the single copy of the poster I kept for myself:

I think it’s fitting that the very first CAD poster offered also be the very last CAD poster offered from the 1.0 era, so I have now redrawn this poster from scratch for the Kickstarter campaign.

These 18″x24″ posters are now available through the Kickstarter campaign as an Add-On to existing pledges, or by themselves at the $15 tier.

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