Kinetic Potential

November 9, 2011 by Tim

With one guild full, and still over six-hundred applications waiting to be approved, there was just no way to get around the need for a second guild to house everyone.

We’ve now opened up Potential, the sister guild to Kinetic. Through a unified website and ventrilo server, these two guilds will be run as a single entity to the best of our ability.

A lot of details remain to be worked out, and there’s still a lot of information about TOR we don’t have yet. But for the time being, this pair of guilds should at least provide a home for almost everybody that wants to be a part of this guild community, at the very least hopefully getting us conveniently placed on the same server.

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be working to get the official website for this guild corps online, to help facilitate easier pre-launch communication amongst all members of both guilds.

So if you were hoping to join the guild, but found Kinetic full, head on over to the page for Potential and submit your application!

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