June 29, 2011 by Tim

Tonight’s the night for Leaguefest, our League of Legends get together!

If you want to come hang out with us in-game, just join the chatroom CADLeaguefest. When I start games, I’ll be inviting people at random from within this chatroom. Hopefully it will be filled with great people looking to game, so you should all have no problem finding some people to play with!

Additionally, if you’re in the EU and want to play with us on the NA servers, (apparently) all you need to do is download these two files (here and here) and click on the one that says NA. (Apparently) that will boot your game as if it were the NA client. I think you still need an NA account though.

Obviously I won’t be able to game with everyone tonight, but I’ll play as many games as I can. If this goes well, we’ll do it again next week!

If you start a game, I’d suggest creating a Custom Game. That will let you invite both sides of the match (instead of randomly getting matched against people).

And most importantly: Remember, we’re here to have fun. Please keep the raging to a minimum, and if you’re an experienced player, try to keep in mind that we’ll have a lot of people that are new to the game and trying to learn. Be patient and help them. It can be daunting getting into a game with so many nuances and acronyms being thrown about.

See you guys in Summoner’s Rift!

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