Like molasses, baby!

November 8, 2005 by Tim

We know that the website/forums are running slowly. Trust me, we are just as frustrated with it as you are.

Unfortunately, this is part of the process for launching a new website design.

We can design anything we want on our computers, or our test server,
and have it running great with the whole 2-3 people browsing the site.
But there is no way to truly stress test a website unless it’s getting
live traffic.

So we have to build the site, and then make it available for the masses
to hammer on, and see how it holds up. We then spend our time
adding/removing/changing code to make things run smoother and better,
and play nice with the server and everyone’s wildly different
browser/OS configurations at home.

Also, since this is a brand new website, all of the images are brand
new. Which means hundreds of thousands of people’s browsers are
downloading all of these new images to cache at once.

Having a slow website sucks just as bad as browsing one. But rest
assured, we are working very hard to optimize and streamline
everything. I imagine in a couple of days things will be moving along
at an acceptable pace, and in a month or two the site will be faster
than ever.

This is the reason we launched with the bare necessities, rather than
whole kit and caboodle. Once we get the most important elements (comics
and news) to run flawlessly, we can add in all of the bells and
whistles we’ve designed.

Such as finally adding official RSS feeds to Ctrl+Alt+Del, so you can
be notified the instant the comic or newsposts come up, or when
CADMedia launches, when a new review/preview goes up.

We are also the first webcomic that will be making its website
available entirely in PSP format, so that you can read the latest
comics and news directly from your PlayStation Portable.

I really do appreciate your patience as we get this battle station fully operational.

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