November 8, 2005 by Tim

Remember those big announcements I’ve been talking about for the last few months? Well this is one of them.

When I first started Ctrl+Alt+Del, it launched on a clumsy, slow,
pure-html website that I had cobbled together from various internet

In early 2003, I was fortunate enough to have some fans, Aaron Stockton
and Cameron Krauser, donate their free time towards building me the
website you all came to know. A website which served us well for over
two years.

However as Ctrl+Alt+Del grows, so does the demand on the website. So
six months ago we began the monstrous task of rebuilding the website.

Actually, “we” is sort of an injustice. Pierre-Luc Brunet, a business
partner and good friend of mine, proprietor of ZeStuff, is the
mastermind behind this new website. The backend has been custom built
from scratch, so not only does the website look different, but it
functions smoother and more efficiently to boot.

And don’t even get me started on the new features we’re getting ready
for you. A lot of the website is still being rebuilt, and we’ll be
tackling all of the finer detail work over the next month or so.

If you look up top you’ll see some icons which will eventually lead you
to CADMedia, Ctrl+Alt+Del’s very own video game/movie review sections.

Also, every single one of my comics will soon be available in a special
PSP-size, so you can browse the website directly from your portable
game system.

I hope you’re all as excited about the new design as I am. Pierre did a
great job, and he continues to put a lot of time and effort into this
project. So I think a big round of applause is in order.

Or, perhaps just a Murloc pet from World of Warcraft. I happen to know
he really wants one, so I thought I’d see I could help him scrounge one
up. If anyone has one they don’t want, you can contact him at (pierre
at zestuff dot com)

Edit: Some people have noted
having problems with the site in FireFox. This site was designed with
FireFox as the testing browser. If you are using anything but the
latest version of FireFox (1.5, 1.5 rc 1), that may be why you are
experiencing alignment issues with the top bar.

The site may run slowly today. This new design has never been tested
under the traffic we get here, so a lot of optimization has to be done.

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