Long live the King

February 2, 2009 by Tim

Late newspost today. Better than no newspost at all. Things have been really busy around here the last few months, hoping stuff will settle down after Digital Overload.

Speaking of which, we’re just a little over a month away from Digital Overload 2009. We’ll be opening registration for tournaments in the next day or so. I’ve released a tentative schedule of tournaments so that attendees can avoid signing up for two events that run at the same time. This schedule is subject to changes.

I promised Digital Overload attendees a limited edition 18×24 poster. These posters will be signed and numbered.

As a reminder, we’re shutting down registration on February 20th, unless we reach our registration cap before then. So you have until February 20th to register and pay for your badge and secure yourself a seat for Digital Overload 2009.

Additionally, we will be removing the t-shirt option from registration on February 10th. After February 10th you will no longer be able to pre-purchase a 2009 event t-shirt, but you may be able to purchase one at the event if we have any extras.

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