Made out of love

October 13, 2004 by Tim

Well, I’m off to Ubercon. Actually not until Thursday night, but I’m busy preparing, so this will probably be the last newspost until I get back next week.

Comics will update as usual while I’m in New Jersey, except for Monday. Expect Monday’s comic to be up late in the day. How late depends on whether I get home Sunday night or Monday morning, and how tired I am after the convention.

Ubercon is in New Jersey, October 15-17th. I have multiple panels, and I will be in the dealer’s room with some shirts, some copies with the book (only about 100 copies) and some posters. So you can come to a panel and ask me questions, or swing by the table and grab some merchandise.

Ubercon is having an auction to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. People at Ubercon will have a chance to bid on this piece of original CAD artwork.

I will also be raffling off an Xbox. This Xbox, to be exact. The Xbox is brand new, and features a one-of-a-kind console skin. The prototype, actually, for similar skins that will be available online soon. It is also signed by me. I plan to sell raffle tickets for $1 each, and you get a free ticket with any purchase of a shirt, book, or poster. Most likely I will sell tickets all of Friday and Saturday, and then Sunday morning I will draw a ticket at random and wait for the person with the winning ticket to show up to collect their prize. In the event that someone who can only attend the convention on Friday or Saturday buys a ticket, and then wins, and isn’t there to pick up the Xbox on Sunday, I will announce the winning raffle ticket here on Monday.

The person with the winning ticket will be required to send a clear photo or scan of their raffle ticket AND their convention badge to prove their attendance.

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