February 17, 2006 by Tim

So Full Auto is pretty fun. Not necessarily the “huge next-gen title” the Xbox 360 could really use right now, but entertaining nonetheless. Gotta love that rewind feature.

I have some big announcements concerning Digital Overload today.

We’ve just launched our user registration system. If you are registered for Digital Overload, it is mandatory that you login and update the required information before you arrive on March 10th. This is very important. (The system still has some bugs that we’re working out. If you experience any problems email [email protected] and they’ll help you out)

Also, when you log in, you’ll find that you can now enter the games you’re planning on bringing with you to play. This is then added to our massive listing of Digital Overload games, where you’ll see what other people are planning to bring, and how many people are planning to bring each game. As the event draws closer, you’ll be able to see what the most popular games at the event are going to be.

It warms my heart to see so many people planning on playing Starcraft. I’ll be loading that badboy onto my PC for the event, that’s for sure.

Also, Scott Ramsoomair, the talented Canuck responsible for VG Cats will be in attendance. I’ve known Scott for a couple of years now, and he’s a great guy. I’m excited that he’ll be at Digital Overload.

On top of PC gaming, we’ll also be running table-top games, and have an area set aside for consoles if you want to bring a TV/Console!

DO2006 is only twenty days away. If you haven’t registered, do it soon, and be a part of the first ever Ctrl+Alt+Del LAN Event!

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