Maquettes and Little Big Planet

October 31, 2008 by Tim

There’s been a lot of great anticipation for the maquettes, so let me address some of the more frequently asked questions.

  • Yes, the maquettes will ship overseas.
  • We will not be offering a pre-order for them, however I will give you plenty of advance warning for when they go on sale. Most likely we’ll break them up into two batches of 250, like we do for the hardcover books. This will give people a chance at them regardless of work schedules and timezones.
  • Once they are sold out, we will never make another of these sculpts. That’s what makes them collectable. We may make another Ethan, but it would be in a different pose/theme for instance.
  • The figures ship in custom designed limited edition packaging.

Also, if you sent me a friend request on the PSN, please be patient. I got a ton of them, and I have to go through three screens to approve each one, so I’m doing them in batches.

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