Maybe it is the power supply…

June 26, 2005 by Tim

Ok, totally clean install of Windows. Latest drivers, direct X and BIOS version. Installed Battlefield 2. It told me to reboot. Upon reboot tried to start the game. Black screen.

Reboot twice more, and 2 more black screens.

So I opened up the case, and moved some of the power cords around. There were two fans on the same line supplying the video cards, so I took those off and moved them to another line with some other fans.

Booted the computer up, started Battlefield and it ran fine.

So at this point I’m not too sure. Is it entirely random, and the time I fiddled with the power lines just HAPPENED to be the time it decided to work? Or are they related?

I’m sick of fiddling with it, so I’m going to play some games now, while it’s running. I’ll wait and see what it does the next time I reboot, and see if I can distinguish some sort of pattern.

Thank you for all of your help, everyone.

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