Melty face

August 4, 2006 by Tim

So I’ve heard a rumor that the Dead Rising demo will hit XBL on the 12th of August, exactly four days too late for me to give a shit about it. It’s already been hard enough waiting for this to come out since seeing it at E3. Come Tuesday the 8th, it’s zombie slaughterin’ time. Ok, apparently it came out just as I posted this.

Theres a new gameplay video for Crysis on Fileplanet. I’m not even going to link to it, because I find it completely unimpressive. While I think the realism being applied to the flora in the game looks pretty cool, I don’t care how well some ferns react to bullets if blowing up a truck’s gas tank still results in a stiff, boring explosion. With everything I’ve seen of the game (at E3 and since) I get the impression that they said “Wow, look at what we can do with plants! Hmm… lets throw some guns in here and make a video game around these plants!”.

Though perhaps the game just doesn’t have enough zombies for my particular tastes. I dunno.

Luckily my rig clears the recommended specs for Crysis’ plant-fest, but if they didn’t, and if I happened to have $18k lying around collecting dust, I suppose one of these would be pretty fun to play with. I’m not quite sure what playing with an 80 billion pixel graphics machine would do to a human face, but I’m willing to guess there would be melting involved.

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