Merch at DO

March 7, 2007 by Tim

I completely forgot, but a lot of people were asking. We won’t have much merch at Digital Overload, but I will have some copies of Analog and D+Pad issue #1 and some copies of Volume 3 for sale at Digital Overload. $3 and $20 respectively. I’m not sure I’ll set up a “merch table” per se, but find me and tell me you want to give me some money. That’ll get my attention. We’ll get you hooked up.

Also, Zack will be at the event, so he can sign your copy of Analog and D+Pad as well.

I think we’ll have some of those Robo/Analog and D+Pad posters that we had down at Megacon. Which is convenient because Dumb StupidHead and Talented StupidHead will be at Digital Overload this weekend. You can get your foursome poster signature action goin’ on. Orgy style.

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