Digital Overload 2007

March 7, 2007 by Tim

Alrighty, this is it. Tomorrow I head up to Rhode Island to start setting up for Digital Overload this weekend. All this week’s comics have been drawn in advance, and will update on their own. Monday’s comic I’ll be drawing at the event this weekend. So if it’s not up first thing Monday morning, than assume something went wrong, heh. It will be up Monday afternoon the latest.

For those of you not attending Digital Overload: Game Overdrive will be attempting to provide live coverage from the event. They covered Digital Overload last year but admittedly weren’t prepared for the size and scope of the event. This year they’re determined to learn from their mistakes and provide tons of coverage, pictures, videos and interviews from this year’s event. So check ’em out over the course of the weekend.

For those of you attending Digital Overload: We have a few things to go over.

Ok first, here’s a list of things to make sure you’ve remembered:

  • Computer
  • Monitor
  • Mouse
  • Mouse Pad
  • Keyboard
  • Headphones (no speakers allowed at the event)
  • All necessary power and connection cables
  • All the game discs your games need to play
  • Operating system/driver discs, in case you have problems
  • At least 25ft of CAT 5 network cable
  • A power strip (do not daisy-chain power strips)
  • Photo ID
  • Set Steam/Other Gaming Apps to Offline Mode before you disconnect your computer to pack it for the event. There will be no internet access at the event.
  • Read this list again to make sure you’ve gotten everything. Then read it once more to be sure.

For additional suggested items to bring/not bring, I refer you to this thread.

(Note: It’s been very cold here in New England this week. Below zero with the windchill. So dress warm!)

Now, when you arrive at the event on Friday, here are some things you should know.

  1. Bring all of your stuff with you to registration. It all needs to be checked in, so it will go faster if we can get you taken care of in one shot. If you go out to your car to get more stuff, you’ll have to get back in line.
  2. You can use a cart to wheel your items in, but only as far as registration. Due to all the cords with the LAN, we don’t allow carts with wheels inside the hall. You can leave your cart at registration while you bring your stuff inside, then bring the cart back to your car.
  3. We are in Hall C again this year.
  4. To help speed up registration, have your signed waiver with you. If you are under 18, you MUST bring the waiver with you, signed by your parents/guardian. We can’t let you in if you forget this.
  5. Also, have your items easily accessible for check-in, so we can get your equipment registered as quickly as possible.
  6. If you preregistered for a tournament this weekend, after you get checked in and set up, you need to stop by the tournament registration desk and physically confirm your participation in the tournaments. Look at the schedule when you get your program book. If there are tournaments you signed up for, that you can’t participate in due to conflicts with other tournaments, please let us know so we can clear your name from the lists. If you aren’t signed in to your tournaments Friday night, you’ll be listed as a no-show and your spot will be freed up.
  7. You must be present at the tournament staging area 15 minutes prior to the start of your tournament. If you are not present when your name is called, you will forfeit.
  8. Due to all the bodies and computers producing heat, we keep the temperature down at the LAN. Bring a sweatshirt or seater in case you get chilly. It’s easier for us to raise the temperature bit by bit than it is for us to cool it down after it’s gotten too hot.

Don’t forget to stop by the Ideazon booth this weekend, as they’ll be running some games and events of their own with lots of great prizes.

Also our sponsor SUMO has given us a ton of awesome Omni beanbag chairs for our console section. Make sure you stop by at some point and sit in one!

I think that’s it. I’ll see a bunch of you this weekend for some serious fun and games!

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