MGSV Power Lines

September 7, 2015 by Tim

So last night during a mission in MGSV, I was sniping some Soviets from across a canyon, and in the process I accidentally clipped a power line. You can see it at 0:28 here:

I had no idea that it was possible, and if not for stumbling upon it by accident this way, might have gone the entire game without knowing you could shoot power cables like that. In most games that sort of thing is 2D window dressing. I had already shut down the lights at the generator, but I’m curious to see if this proves to be an alternative way to disable them.

Its details like this that continue to impress me so much about MGSV. I’m in love with the open world mission structure, and the freedom to tackle a mission in whatever way I feel like at the time. One mission I’ll focus on sneaking through and Fulton away all the bodies to leave no trace, and another I’ll decide to man a mortar cannon and rain death down from upon high.

I still don’t completely understand or give a shit about Metal Gear’s extremely convoluted plotline through the years, but Phantom Pain’s gameplay is so enjoyable that none of that even matters. Definitely a hell of a game to start off the industry’s busy fall/holiday season with, and I think it sets the bar pretty damned high.

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