Mmm… mighty tasty!

January 5, 2005 by Tim

I’ve got some wonderfully delicious nuggets of informational propoganda for you today. So sit back and enjoy these wonderful words of insight and magnificence.

The official Winter-een-mas website. It is now in existance. This will be the one-stop mecca for all of your WEMas questions and what-to-do. I only just put it up, and it’s fairly bare at the moment. Over the course of the month I will be fleshing it out as best I can, so just bear with me. The Frequently Asked Questions section is the only area that is live right now, so read through it, and if you have any other questions, email them to me!

If you are holding a Winter-een-mas celebration at your local LAN center, or if you manage/work at a game store that is supporting WEMas, email me with the location information, so that I can add it to this list I’m compiling! Personal residences do not count and will not be added. I need addresses, phone numbers, and what exactly is taking place there, and when.

The next big announcement is one that I’ve mentioned before, but that I am now making official. And that is my attendance at MegaCon down in Orlando, Florida. I’ll be in the indie press section next to Brian and Scott will hopefully be with us or at least in the very near vicinity. If you’re in the Florida area, I suggest start making plans to come out and say hello, because I have no clue when I would be back down there again.

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