Monkeys on tightropes

January 7, 2005 by Tim

The Winter-een-mas shirts have been printed. A huge chunk of them will be shipping out today, and the remainder will leave into the custody of the mail handler people service on Monday. So if you pre-ordered a Winter-een-mas shirt, you should have it shortly. And I am told they look absolutely maaahhhvelous.

If you didn’t pre-order… you’re shit out of luck. The pre-order was open for a week, and for a week it’s all I talked about here. You had no excuse to miss the pre-order, unless you don’t read the newsposts, in which case you still have no excuse. The reason these posts exist is to inform you of the goings-on of the website. Better luck with next year’s shirts.

I’m going to give you a heads up right now, next Wednesday’s comic will be up late. This is not a “might be” this is a “definitely”. I’m going away for the weekend, and I’ll be back in town late Tuesday night. I will be tired. I’ve gotten Saturday and Monday’s comics done, but I will have to do Wednesday’s comic on Wednesday morning, so expect a delay. You have been forewarned.

Once I get back I’ll focus on fleshing out the Winter-een-mas website with all of the great events and photos you guys have been sending me.

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