September 26, 2005 by Tim

Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy is really fun. It’s a great concept, if you haven’t read about it. It’s very much like playing a movie, and you get to control the main characters. Your actions with one character will have an effect on what happens with everyone else in the story.

Let’s say, for instance, as the killer you use a mop to clean up some blood from your most recent victim. Cut to later when you are playing as the detectives investigating the murder scene, you can find blood on the mop, and that’s a clue that the killer is meticulous. Everything you do affects the storyline somehow.

My only gripe really would be the animation. The graphics are pretty decent, but some of the animation is awful. Particularly over-exaggerated hand gestures, and certain character running animations.

Aside from that and World of Warcraft, I haven’t been putting much time in with any other games. Burnout Revenge, and the new Marvel games (Marvel Nemesis and Xmen Legends 2) just haven’t really captured my attention right now.

I’m counting down the days until Serenity this weekend. Spent a good long year waiting for it, and from all reports I’ve heard, it will be worth it.

Lots of stuff happening around the Ctrl+Alt+Del office lately, and I recently cracked open the eggshell on one of the things we have in the works. Check out the newspost below this one, reposted from the original announcement on Saturday.

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