Update: I honestly hadn’t expected donations for this. I did not want to lay the reponsibility for this on my fans. I feel that this is my problem, and that I’ve got to deal with it.

But apparently some of you found the link for donations and decided that you wanted to help out. I am completely overwhelmed by the support from my fans. I had not expected it, and had not asked for it, but you gave anyway. I am choked up by the generosity of my readers, and there are no words that will properly express my thanks to you.

But I want to try anyway. So here is a very public and heartfelt thank you to the following fans who have contributed:

Keith Mitchell
John Wiseman
Tim Gerlach
Colin McLain
Greg Bullock
Jarrod Willard
Justin Janger
Aaron Pohle

Thank you so very much guys. It was unexpected, but very much appreciated.

The car is at the mechanic right now… he’s going to call with an estimate as soon as he knows what’s wrong. Keep your fingers crossed that it is an inexpensive problem, and that I’ll be able to fix it and still attend the convention.

/end update

I have just had the worst night in recent memory.

There are a lot of details that don’t concern the comic, and so I won’t go into it here. But the main issue does in fact concern the comic, and so I will report it here, because some of you will need to know.

My car just died. The problem with this is, that it’s now very very possible that I cannot go to ConnectiCon. I have been just scraping by lately, financially, in order to devote as much time to this comic as possible, getting CADMedia off the ground and preparing for the convention.

And so of course (as it ALWAYS happens) my car decided to break exactly at the time when I need it not to break. It’s as if life waits and waits until I have everything riding on one moment, and then decides to kick my legs out from under me.

I now don’t have a car, which means I can’t get to the convention. Ok, so I pay to have the car fixed. Now I don’t have enough money to attend the convention. See how it’s a lose-lose situation?

Unfortunately I need to have the car fixed. That is non-negotiable, because I need it to get to my part-time job, which is the only thing that is keeping me afloat while I try to get this comic strip to stand on its own, financially.

So that means the money that I had set aside for the convention is most likely going to go towards fixing my car (if I even have enough… I still have to have a mechanic tell me exactly what is wrong with it). It really sucks because I had worked so hard to get to this con, and to be ready for it, and it was such a great opportunity for the comic strip.

The bottom line is this: if you were hoping to meet me at the convention, there is now a 99.9% chance that you will be disapointed. I have to find out how much it’s going to cost to fix my car… if by some stroke of Irish luck the damage is cheap, and I can still afford to go to the con, then I will most definitely do so.

I will post here as soon as I am 100% sure of my situation, so if you are attending ConnectiCon, stay tuned.

Also, Ctrl+Alt+Del moved to a faster server last night. There will be a transition period during which some of you will be seeing the old server, and some of you will be seeing the new server. It should take only a couple of days before most of you are on the same page again.

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