My name is Bolo Santosi

March 22, 2010 by Tim

I’ve got mixed feelings about Just Cause 2. On the one hand, grappling hooks in games just about always equal win (the latest Bionic Commando being the first to spring to mind as an exception to this rule). On the other hand, the controls in the demo seemed a little bit stiff and clunky.

Also, I nearly lost my shit when the demo opened up with “My name is Bolo Santosi”. Bad voice acting in video games is about as regular as life bars and powerups, but something about the way she says that line cracks me up. Normally Just Cause would be an automatic console buy for me, but now I almost want it on the PC just in case someone makes a mod that triggers that line every time you kill someone.

I came across this when I was looking for character references for today’s comic. Gets me every time.


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