Update, Update, Update

July 12, 2003 by Tim

First of all, I’m sure you noticed that the site was down for a good portion of the day. We just recently moved to a newer, faster server, and most people have been noticing a huge increase in performance.

Unfortunately, we forgot to turn off web-logging on the new server, and with the amount of traffic Ctrl+Alt+Del generates, the size of the web log shut down the server. It shouldn’t happen again.

Concerning the new style… I got a ridiculous amount of feedback on it. I came home to 191 new messages in my inbox. I read through every single comment, and the general consensus is that the new style is cool, but the original style is better.

I’m going to save the new style for special projects, and Ctrl+Alt+Del will go back to normal once I get back from ConnectiCon. It was just an experiment I had wanted to try, and I got a lot of great feedback on it. I’ll be going back to black outlines for the characters.

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