My sword is soaked in bits of you

September 22, 2006 by Tim

So Microsoft has decided to repair any busted Xbox 360 that was manufactured in 2005 for free. Some of you may (and did; thanks for the emails) remember that my first-gen Xbox bit the dust a couple of weeks ago. Well, thankfully I haven’t done anything about it yet, so I’m going to fire it off to get repaired. I’ve already got a new one, but I have a friend in need to a 360, so this works out well.

It’s nice to see Microsoft acknowledge that the first batches had problems, I just wonder what took them so long.

If it not a success, I will be execute!

I’ve been playing the multiplayer beta for Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. It’s pretty fun. Of course, I have encountered some people that do nothing but complain about how much the game sucks. Ironically it’s always the people getting their asses kicked doing the complaining.

The game does have a few bugs, I’ve noticed, but that’s what betas are for. To find and fix those. Contrary to popular believe, betas are not just a chance for you to play the game early, and for free.

From my limited experience, I haven’t found any classes to be particularly “gimped” or any classes to be particularly overpowered. It’s just all in knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and those of your opponents. I play mostly as a Knight, and I’ve found I’m able to kill any other class, but I’ve also been killed by every other class. If I don’t see an Assassin coming, or he gets around behind for a backstab, I’m finished. Likewise if there’s a lot of distance between me and a Mage, and I’m not good enough at dodging fireballs, I’m toast. But if I manage to get in close, it’s a whole different ballgame.

I also have to give Arkane some props for the stamina bar. Jumping eats up a ton of stamina, so you can maybe pull off two consecutive jumps before having to rest. This really kicks bunny hoppers in the teeth, and I love it.

I’ve heard rumors that Dark Messiah has been pushed back again, but I can’t find any evidence. Until I see some hard proof, I’m still expecting to see this title in late October. I’m interested in seeing how the final coats of polish affect the multiplayer side of the game.

Also, Undead team rocks your socks.

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