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February 7, 2005 by Tim

This is purely a hypothetical. I have no knowledge of any plans by Blizzard to come out with a World of Warcraft board game. It wouldn’t be unprecidented, though.

Finally started playing KOTOR2, one of the games that slipped by unplayed in 4th quarter ’04 due to the massive influx of games that took place.

It’s pretty good. Seems to be very solidly rooted in everything that made the first one outstanding. Graphics seem a bit outdated though, on account of them using the same engine as was used for the first KOTOR. Other than that, I’m really getting into it. Some quality stuff here.

I got a lot of emails from people who want a “FACT: God Hates Fanboys” t-shirt. What do you think? Is this really something you’d buy? I may consider doing a limited run on something like that. The ‘mushroom and arrow’ shirt has already been designed, and we will be printing it in the near future, so you can count on that one being available soon.

Also, the Lilah shirt and baby doll tee versions of the existing character shirts should be available by the end of the month. I was under the impression they’d be made available sooner, but they’ll be up for sale asap. They’ve already been printed and are just sitting around waiting for some cute gamer girls to wear them. I will post here as soon as they are available. The shirts, not the girls.

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