No PSP for me

March 25, 2005 by Tim

I’m just not going to bother. Aside from the fact that not too long ago I bothered to pick up a Dual Screen, which has all of two games for it (games that count for shit, I mean) and it sits and collects dust, I just don’t have a need for portable gaming systems.

I work from home. The Ctrl+Alt+Del office is right here in my apartment, maybe twenty steps from my bedroom and right next to my living room with my 55″ television and Xbox/Gamecube/PS2. I’m here nearly all day, every day. Why would I sit and play games with dated graphics on a tiny screen when I could just fire up any number of consoles or computer games? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

So what if it’s portable? If I’m leaving my house, it’s quite often to go do something. I don’t walk out my front door and just wander and then wish I had some sort of small gaming device to pass the time. Sure, I occasionally go to conventions, and often that involves long plane rides or whatever. Which is why I bought the DS. However even then, it’s only for the to and from trips, because once I arrive at a convention I’m usually pretty damned busy from start to finish. And inbetween these few occasions, it sits on the desk as a paperweight.

So it’s entirely possible that at some point I will own a PSP, for no other reason that I am a gamer, and as you may have notice, I make my living playing games. But aside from that, portable systems just hold very little draw to me.

Having said all that, the PSP looks pretty interesting to me, aside from the reported problem with one of the buttons being less responsive than the others due to its location very near to the screen on the device. And the subsequent reports that Sony was aware of this defect, and said that it was part of the design, because they were too stupid and stubborn to make the screen a bit smaller, or the device a tad bigger. So we, the consumers, get stuck with a button that won’t work all the time.

So there you have my opinion on the matter.

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