Oblivion Character Creation

March 21, 2006 by Tim

So there’s a demo out there for Singular Inversions’ FaceGen software that you can grab. It’s a really nifty demo. You can manipulate different faces to all sorts of degrees, and it’s a lot of fun to play with. You can also upload photos and have it create a 3D model from the photographs. It’s pretty crazy.

I uploaded a front picture and a profile picture, and fifteen minutes later it had produced a copy of my head. From a couple of 2D photos, I think the resemblance is astounding.

Obviously it doesn’t do hair, and it stamps a big SI on your forehead (it’s a demo). So if I shaved my head and got drunk enough to get tattooed on my noggin, that’s what I might look like. You can’t save or export the model you create (again, demo).

However, FaceGen is what Oblivion uses in its character creation engine. So once you’ve used the demo to model a likeness from your pictures, you can observe where it has set the various shape sliders, and then go into your game and set the sliders the exact same way. And voila! Your character looks like you.

I thought some of you might find that interesting, and fun to play with.

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