June 27, 2008 by Tim

Apparently EA is working pretty diligently to remove this type of thing from the database. Of course now they have to spend the next three months monitoring it, and then there will be a huge surge of new creatures in September when Spore comes out, so it’s possible that some will slip through.

For those asking, yes, I had made the creature in today’s strip prior to drawing it. I haven’t uploaded anything to the Sporepedia yet, but if you really want it all you have to do (supposedly) is save this image and drag it into the Spore Creature Creature, which I find fascinating.

Update: I’m being told it does in fact work (I guess there’s a ton of information embedded into the transparent layers of the .png). You need to either open the Creature Creator in windowed mode, go to create a new creature and then drag the image in, or you may be able to just deposit the image into your My Documents > My Spore Creations > Creatures folder, which is where I pulled the image from to begin with. The first method is confirmed to work, the second is just a guess, I haven’t tried it.

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