Oh right

March 20, 2007 by Tim

I had intended to make a newspost for Monday, honestly. Even had a topic all picked out (the Wii- I know that’s going to burn up the bunch of you that have been waiting for me to talk about my impressions of the system). Had it all planned.

Then we went and got a new puppy.

Some of you may remember that a year ago I got a little Yorkshire Terrier pup named Kaylee. Well she’s been an absolute joy to have around this past year, and now that shes grown up a bit and pretty well trained, we’ve been talking about getting another.

Well, today Simon joined the family.

Kaylee is the older pup on the left. Simon is that scruffy little newbie on the right.

As you can imagine, the pups are getting all the attention today.

I’ll talk about the Wii on Wednesday.

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