Man, everyone has been telling me that Transformers is actually a decent movie.

Are you kidding me? Is that even possible? I mean, I really don’t have much of a problem with studios changing the appearance of existing brands for movies. I didn’t mind the X-men movie costumes, etc. I understand that sometimes things that work in comic books or cartoons just don’t work in live-action movies. I’m fine with some changes. If I wanted to see exactly what I see in the comic books anyway, I’d just go read the comic books.

So while I thought the original Transformers designs were great, I don’t mind that they changed them. What I do mind is that, from the trailers and promos that I’ve seen, they all look really ugly now. To me, anyway. It’s like there’s too much going on there. They’re too alien, too busy.

And why do they come to earth? They’re chasing some giant spark plug? C’mon guys, just take a trip down to your local AutoZone. You can’t tell me Cybertron, a planet full of robots, doesn’t have some stores to provide this kind of stuff. Yes, I’m exaggerating, but still.

Yet I’ve heard good things. So while I had originally intended to see the movie just for kicks, who knows. Maybe I’ll enjoy it.

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