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December 1, 2005 by Tim

You heard correctly. Ctrl+Alt+Del is going animated.

The Animated Series will debut in February of 2006, consisting of a brand new 4-5 minute animated short every month. All new material, fully animated, featuring professional voice actors hand chosen from over 1400 auditions. The episodes are written by me, directed/produced by Ryan Sohmer and Randy Waxman, the great guys over at Blind Ferret Entertainment, and brought to life by a professional animation studio.

The animation will be a part of the CAD Premium membership site, which will also give you access to exclusive wallpapers, art, sketches, scripts, contests and prizes. The animation will be sold separately for $2.99 an episode, but if you sign up before December 31st, you can get a year membership (12 episodes) for just $1.66 per episode. While the episodes won’t begin airing until February, you can lock in your discount rate by signing up this month.

Why are we charging for the animation, you ask? Well, the comic strip is a one-man endeavor. I create this comic four times a week because I absolutely love to do so. I am fortunate enough to make a living at it, and I do well enough, so it’s ok if not everyone that reads the comic supports the website.

However, fully animated shorts take a whole team of people, from animators, to directors/producers, to voice actors, all of whom need to be paid. So as much as we’d love to give it away, the bean-counters won’t let us.

If you can’t afford, or aren’t interested in CAD Premium, don’t worry. Ctrl+Alt+Del as you’ve come to know it will remain free. You’ll still get everything you’ve become accustomed to getting (comics, news, reviews, forums, etc).

CAD Premium is just extra stuff for those fans who want to pay for a little more CAD in their lives.

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