One month

January 20, 2009 by Tim

Just a heads up, one month from today (February 20th) we will be closing registration for Digital Overload 2009. As we do not sell badges at the door, if you have not purchased a badge before February 20th, you will not be able to attend Digital Overload 2009.

Fair warning though… there are only about fifty BYOC seats left, so they may be sold out well before February 20th. Remember, simply registering on the website doesn’t reserve you anything until you’ve paid for your badge.

We’ll be opening tournament registration at the end of the month to those who have purchased badges. This year I will post the tournament schedule a few days prior to the opening of tournament registration, so that you can see what events conflict with each other and make priority decisions when registering for tournaments.

In other news, I was really saddened by this. When I saw that leaked footage of Battlefront 3 I was really excited, especially by the scene where the ship takes off from the planet, through the atmosphere and into space where it boards another ship. Just the scope of it, the idea of that being possible during gameplay was incredible. My inner Star Wars geek, already psyched by anticipation for The Old Republic, went into overdrive. And now it sounds like we’ll never get to experience it, even if we do get Battlefront 3 someday.

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