One ring to rule them a– oh, wait

October 30, 2006 by Tim

So some of you have heard of Ryzom, I assume? It’s a pretty nifty little MMO, and they just released an update for it called Ryzom Ring, which actually allows players to create their own MMO modules for other people to play in. It’s surprisingly versatile, and polished. I spent a little time with it this past weekend, and it was pretty fun. In fact, I’m going to do a Ryzom GameDay this coming Saturday, as there’s a free trial available.

However, we’re going to “kick it up a notch”, as they say. The regular free trial lets you play the game, however with restrictions, such as level caps, etc. Nevrax, the developers of Ryzom, was nice enough to give me a handful of trial keys that give full access to the entire game and editor for one month, to give away here on the site. So we’re going to have a little contest.

It’s going to be a Ryzom screenshot contest. There will be some guidelines and categories (which I will list below) and the winners will receive a code to try Ryzom with no restrictions for a month.

So here are the basic rules:

  • The screenshot must be of Ryzom or Ryzom ring material. You can find one online to use, or you can sign up for the free trial, go in-game, and snap a screenshot yourself (a better idea that gives you more creative control!).
  • Photoshop or image editing IS allowed. You can add effects, word balloons, captions, cut and paste characters from other screenshots, etc. However the screenshot must remain at least 70% original Ryzom material from the game.
  • You can only enter a screenshot into one category. You can enter multiple categories, but you must submit a different image for each category. There is no limit to how many screenshots you can submit.
  • Screenshots will be judged by me alone, based on a variety of factors such as originality, creativity, humor, skill and the purposefully vague “cool factor”.
  • Screenshots should be no larger than 1600×1200
  • Submissions should be sent to cad.contest (at), and you MUST write the category you are submitting to in the subject line.
  • All entries must be received by 12pm (noon) EST on Friday, November 3rd. I will try to have the winners notified by Friday evening, in time for the GameDay on Saturday. The winning screenshots should be posted here next Monday.
  • Any entries not following these guidelines will be burned and urinated upon.

So, the categories for the screenshots will be as follows (humor is welcome in all categories):

  • Comedy: Pretty straightforward- make me laugh. Either just a visually funny screenshot, or funny through dialogue, captions, or other creative means.
  • Action: A screenshot that shows some sort of awesome action. A fight, a pose, something. Humor is, as always, welcome, but the core element of the screenshot should be something action-y.
  • Photochopped: The best use of image editing. Be it combining elements of screenshots, adding effects, or whatever. The most skillful use of editing wins here.
  • Dramatic: The most dramatic pose, most dramatic lighting, most dramatic scenery, dialogue, etc.
  • Ring Use: Coolest use of the Ryzom Ring editor.

Prizes will be awarded just to the best of the best. There is no set number of winner for each category. I have about 25 keys to give away, so I’ll award them to just whichever screens are the best, regardless of category. Any keys that I don’t give away will be awarded in-game during the GameDay on Saturday.

The GameDay will be from 5pm EST – 8pm EST. More details in the official thread.

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