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March 31, 2004 by Tim

Sometimes I get so busy with work, I completely forget that I have yet to write a news post. Either that or I sleep really late and start my day off with some Splinter Cell. One of the two.

I play Splinter Cell at least once a day. Usually I make my own server, because that retarded Punkbuster situation still hasn’t been fixed. I always name my server CtrlAltDel so you can keep an eye out for it if you want. My gamertag is AbsathCAD.

Also, concerning Lineage 2. Yes, I did transfer from the closed beta to open beta. Yes, I am currently playing. Yes, I am pissed at all the fucking retards and the idea of a month long open beta.

Seriously, like these games don’t attract enough mentally handicapped stupidity sponges as is, they now decide that they need to give the game away for free for a month, so that any twelve year old with an AOL account can sign up and saturate the servers with the moron virus? It really irks me, the amount of fuckwads I’ve come across over the last three days, in comparison to the weeks I was in closed beta. Honestly, it was almost enough to turn me off of the game completely.

Yet I am still playing. I will let you know what server I’m on, and what name I’m playing under sometime next week. However, I will stress right now my rather crude but effective method for dealing with the influx of dilinquent children in the open beta. If your name resembles a Counter-Strike tag, don’t even bother messaging me. I’m serious. Stupid names in RPG’s are one of my biggest pet peeves, and I plan to ignore the existence of anyone who’s name closely resembles an AIM nick. I will not respond to them, I will not group or trade with them. Make a stupid name if you want to, but don’t expect to consort with me once you do.

Other than that, we’ll see how well Lineage holds my interest, and for how long, and whether or not I shift to World of Warcraft once it arrives.

I’m still working on that I-CON report. Hopefully I’ll have it up soon.

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