Organization works!

December 3, 2004 by Tim

This was a very good week. At the recommendation of a reader, I’ve started using Time & Chaos, a daily planner program that has helped me organize work. It’s a very, very simple system, but it makes things much more manageable. Every day I wake up and I have a task list of things I need to get done for that day. As I finish the things on the list, I cross them off in the program. When I’m all done with everything on the list, I’m off of work.

Not once this week have I had to work until 3-4am. In fact, every day I’ve finished with a few hours left to game or relax, and I have scheduled myself a day off for tomorrow. At this moment I’m a week ahead of the comic strip, and I’m rapidly catching up on all of my other work. I wish I had done this sooner.

Speaking of getting caught up, as of yesterday every order from the GamerWarez store has been shipped. All of the Chef Brian Shirt Pre-orders are finally shipped, and all of the book orders have shipped. If you were still waiting on an order, give it a week or so before emailing me. Sometimes the USPS is slow, especially for international orders.

All shirts and posters from now on are being sold through ZeStuff. The shirts over there are in-stock and shipping to anywhere in the United States and all placed International. They handle the production and distribution of those shirts, so please stop emailing me asking if they ship to your country. Try reading for a change, because it is stated very clearly in their ‘shipping information’ section.

And if you want Baby Doll Tees or Hoodies, email them. Demand equals production. Let them know what you want.

So I held a contest to give away twenty free signed t-shirts, and it was an overwhelming success. I put up the news post announcing the contest around 2am, and when I woke up around 10am there were over 2000 entries. And I even got another 1000 entries after I announced that the contest was over (presumably from those same people that don’t know how to read).

It went so well, in fact, that I’m going to give away more stuff throughout December. T-Shirts, Books, original artwork, etc. Keep an eye here for new contests.

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