The contest is over!

December 2, 2004 by Tim

Holy crap that was fast. I’m glad I used an alternate email address, because I woke up to over 2000 contest entries this morning. 2000 emails in the short 6 hours while I was sleeping. Sheesh. I was surprised how many people actually sat down and submitted every one of the 40 race/class combinations.

I have chosen the first twenty emails to correctly guess the answer, and will be responding to them this afternoon to inform the winners and get size preferences and shipping addresses. Remember, size preferences are first come first served, no guarantees. So respond to the email as soon as possible.

This contest thing was interesting, and I think people had fun with it, so I’m going to start running some more. I’ll give away some CAD books, tee-shirts, and even some original artwork. So keep an eye on the news, ’cause you never know when I’ll give away free stuff.

The correct race/class combination, by the way, was Dwarf Priest.

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