Out on his feet

February 24, 2006 by Tim

What? Me? Venting? Noooooo…

Fight Night Round 3 is great. My thumbs are actually sore. That’s a testament to how fun this game is. Or to how complex the control scheme is. One or the other.

The online experience is really great. EA’s lobby and online menu system is really simple to navigate, and I never have any problems matching up with people for a quick game. It’s short and sweet. And the best part is, it’s virtually lag-free. I’ve only hit two minor lag pockets since I got the game four days ago, and I’ve played plenty.

I think I’m standing at 14-9 right now. I love that even when you get beaten, as frustrating as it may be, you really have to sit back and say “well, yeah, he won that one”. I’ve played against all types. There are players who come into the ring looking for an actual boxing match; a give and take of trying to create openings and land solid combos that will win the fight. If you lose to one of those types, you learn from it. “I need to protect my left eye more” or “Damn, I keep walking into counters, I need to work on that”.

And then there are players who come into the ring and they just throw haymakers as if they were playing Fight Night Round 2. In the old system you could throw nothing but haymakers. In the new system, that just isn’t a surefire way to win. It’s a sloppy, lazy fighting style, trying to go for the knockdown in the first round. But if you decide to block all of your opponents power punches with your face, well, who’s the real idiot?

Career mode isn’t bad, it just seems like they could have done more with it. Even on hard, all of the computer opponents are easy to beat. I don’t think that once so far I’ve been in danger of losing a fight to a computer opponent. Frankly, I consider it to be a very thorough practice mode, because if you play through career, you’ll definitely have time to work on your timing, your punches, your combos and your counters. All necessary skills when going up against a player online.

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