November 3, 2010 by Tim

Finally had a little bit of free time this week and a few bored friends, and got around to downloading the Undead Nightmare DLC for Red Dead Redemption. I haven’t played any of the single player stuff, but the Undead Overrun multiplayer mode was worth the price of admission alone, in my opinion.

It’s your typical horde/firefight game mode, with zombies. It doesn’t reinvent the gametype or anything, but it can get pretty creepy and intense and it’s a solid showing.

I couldn’t convince any of my schmuck friends to buy the poker/liar’s dice DLC, but I’m hoping that if Undead Nightmare gets us back into playing RDR enough, they’ll come around.

Of course it’s likely that Borderlands is going to come along and blow that idea out of the water. The level increase patch finally dropped yesterday, but of course it’s up for every platform except the 360. Apparently there are some problems over at Microsoft getting that online.

Still, I’d expect it to land this week, and since we saved the most recent Claptrap DLC to do when we could actually level up, as soon as the patch hits, we’ll be in there. Hopefully we can respark the Undead interest once we’re done with Pandora again.

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