Pieces and peaces

August 14, 2006 by Tim

Looks like Ethan wasn’t the only one who hadn’t heard about E3’s “revisions”. I’ve been getting a lot of emails today from people who hadn’t heard the news. I’d like to say I was making it up, but I’m not.

I just finished my second run through Dead Rising, getting the Overtime Mode and the True ending and unlocking Infinite mode. Overtime mode was kind of a bitch, especially right at the end there. I’ll probably take a break for a day (such a lie) and then decide if I want to go after more achievments or see how long I can survive. I really have to hand it to Capcom. For a game with such a seemingly simple concept and lack of a multiplayer mode, Dead Rising has a lot of depth and replayability to it. I guess slaughtering zombies just never gets old, eh?

Speaking of getting old, I’m still on the fence about whether or not to pick up Ninety Nine Nights. I loved the demo; it was great fun charging into hordes of enemies, wildly swinging a blade. But I don’t see a lot of variety in the game, and I suspect that fighting the same battles over and over again might get tiresome after a while.

Some other exciting news this week concerns Microsoft’s XNA, a toolset which will supposedly allow hobbyists to develop their own games for the PC and even the Xbox 360. While it will probably take a while to get off the ground, I imagine we’ll be seeing some pretty interesting little games coming about. I’m not sure exactly how the tools will work, or how powerful they’ll be, but I’ll definitely be interested in checking them out if I have the time.

Just another mention, what’s in the current CAD store is all that’s left of that stock. Some designs have already sold out completely, and others are only down to a few sizes. CAD Volume 3 will be out this fall, but once we sell out of those Volume 1s and 2s, they probably won’t be reprinted until 2007. Just fair warning, because I know once that stuff is no longer there, I’m going to start getting emails like “Hey, I wanted to buy that thing. Where is it?”. Act soon or forever hold your peace.

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