Plant a tree, save a… whatever.

September 8, 2010 by Tim

And that brings our third Choose Our Adventure story to a close. I hope you enjoyed reading and voting, I know I enjoyed writing and drawing it. Obviously there will be a fourth issue sometime in the future, but something tells me that the next time you see Ethan MacManus: Space Archaeologist, it will be as a full-fledged standalone COA adventure in book form.

Now, I’ve spent the last 5 hours transcribing most of the story tree for this issue from my scribbles and notes, and I am thoroughly exhausted. I’m sure you’ll notice that I’m not revealing half of this story tree. While issue #3 was primarily a survival yarn, I did throw in a few details to help the main character get back on track with his initial quest. Depending on the direction the story took as a result of that first choice, we had an opportunity to either discover a piece of the Lorrese tablet, or some revealing information regarding the Mesocron, Slaag and particularly Mach’s motivations. Since Ethan didn’t learn this information, neither does the reader, as it may unfairly influence future votes.

That said, enjoy the story tree, and Friday we’ll return to something a little more traditional!

I’m sure there are a number of typos and/or mistakes in the tree. Right now, I don’t care. I’ll deal with it in the morning.

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