June 26, 2013 by Tim

I didn’t back the Ouya last year. As a games platform, it has zero appeal to me. I see how it could be interesting, but the sort of simple “mobile” type games it offers, I rarely even play on an actual mobile device. When I sit down on the couch to play a game, I often have a backlog of meatier titles awaiting attention. I don’t see myself dying to fire up the sort of bite-sized gameplay that you typically associate with Android games.

That said, there are aspects of the little system that may appeal to me. I currently don’t have a straightforward way to run Pandora or Twitch through my living room without hooking my laptop up to the television. For the reasonable $99 price tag, the Ouya might do. I really enjoy watching competitive League of Legends and the LCS, so it would be nice to do that from the couch.

However, I’m told that the Xbox One will stream as well, and given that the Ouya apparently hasn’t even fulfilled all its orders to Kickstarter backers, it might be a while before it’s available for general purchase. Perhaps it would make more sense to simply wait for the next gen consoles to handle this.

Or who knows. Maybe now that the Ouya is out in the wild, perhaps game development for the platform will surprise me. Or hell, even licensed emulation for certain titles. I would rush out and buy one (with a second controller) in a heartbeat if I could easily run Metal Warriors on it.

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