Primerica: A few clarifications

April 26, 2008 by Tim

So I’ve been getting a lot of replies regarding my previous post and I wanted to make a few clarifications:

  • While the rep I spoke with did mention the whole “becoming a part of them” part, I have zero interest in that. I’m more than happy with what I do for a living and quite frankly, I would NEVER give myself the pressure of handling someone else’s finances. From the emails I’ve had so far, I can already see that their hiring practices seems sometime shady but I can’t base my decision solely on that.
  • The rep we met last Thursday never approached us. In fact, my wife heard about him in a conversation with her friend and we decided to ask for his number sometime like a week later. Then we held that number for about 2 weeks and finally called him. Our name was never sold/traded or anything and as far as I know, my wife’s friend won’t be getting anything out of any business we would make.

Thanks again to everybody who wrote to me and keep them coming in. I’ll start replying to everyone tonight.

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