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April 25, 2007 by Tim

Double Agent continues to entertain. If I beat it before Spider-man 3
ships (on a Friday, supposedly? That’s bizarre), then I may have to
take it online again for a while. There must be people that still play.

Don’t forget that May 4th is the deadline to pre-order your copy of the first season of Ctrl+Alt+Del: The Animated Series.
Additionally, pre-ordering is your only chance to get the 2-Disc
Collector’s Edition, which features a second DVD full of bonus features
like wallpapers, scripts for the episodes, model sheets and more (123
files and a 30-minute video feature, to be exact). I posted a short “trailer” for the feature, if you were curious.

The 90% of the footage in the feature was filmed by my friend Brian
Carroll. Brian is a film student and independent filmmaker, you may
have seen me post links to some of his short films in the past. Brian
is currently in production on the final film in a trilogy he’s been
working on, and is currently fund raising. Check it out.

has patched in insta-travel today, and I’m fairly torn. I’m not
entirely against the idea, but I feel it would have been better
implemented as a player-driven system. Druids, wizards, etc with the
ability to teleport other players. Worrying about it may be premature,
until the effects of this new insta-travel play out a bit.

I applauded the developers when they stated that no “quick travel”
options would be in the game. They created a huge world, and they
weren’t going to shrink it by making travel easy. Travel may be a small
issue, but the concept that they may be willing to cave to majority
voice (and the complainers are always the most vocal, even if they’re
in the minority) leaves me to wonder what will be made easier next?

I understand that travel can be a pain, and I understand that the MMO
community does absolutely nothing but bitch and complain, and I
understand that these are the morons the developers need to please in
order to make money. But I am opposed to the idea that all of our MMOs
need to conform to features that others offer, just because gamers get
lazy and spoiled by not having to work for anything they want.

Obviously one person’s challenge and sense of realism is another
person’s waste of time, but if there are going to be multiple MMOs on
the market, why do all of them have to turn into World of Warcraft? Not
all of us want our hands held straight to level 60.

But that’s a rant for another day.

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